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The Compagny


is a family-owned real estate company specializing in the acquisition of buildings in blocks


About us

From RFG to Spring Real Estate Engineering: A personal and professional accomplishment

Grégory Touitou started in real estate with his father, Pierre Touitou, president of the RFG group, recognized as a major player in Parisian real estate.

In 25 years of experience, Grégory Touitou created his own structure, Spring Ingénierie Immobilière, with the wish to carry out his own operations and to set up his own heritage holdings.


Our DNA :

The capital city


We have chosen to position ourselves essentially in Paris and the inner suburbs in order to master the market and to organize our activity around 3 branches allowing us to optimize the value creation chain: acquisition, valuation, long-term holding or resale. As a result, we are positioned as a key player in the Parisian real estate market.

Our strength

The duality between engineering and real estate


Our company combines engineering and real estate which guarantees a global technical study of your projects. We are able to carry out feasibility studies and to implement large-scale work to optimize the value of your property: upgrading to technical standards, renovation of common areas, building renovations, installation of elevators, thermal improvements, building elevation...

Over the years we have built up a network of technical experts, architects, surveyors, diagnosticians, notaries and trusted managers.

Our preoccupations

Building sustainably


The building sector is responsible for 43% of energy consumption and 23% of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, we attach great importance to the energy transition in the restructuring of our buildings.

In one of our latest projects (55 rue de la Fédération)

we have redoubled our efforts to provide a building that meets the new environmental standards.

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